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Streets of Shops – Pine City, NY

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I’ve been to garage sales before where the entire neighborhood sells things on their front lawn at the same time, but I’ve never seen anything as crazy as Streets of Shops in Pine City, NY. It’s like a flea market mixed with a festival. They even had tents that were serving hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks. Some of the people were even selling new, unopened items, and at least one tent served as it’s own dollar store.


Sperr Memorial Park – Big Flats, NY

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Sperr Memorial is a park that is named for a state trooper who was killed there. It has a nice walking path around a marsh, with an eating area, a gazebo, and a playground at the upper part. They maintain it very nicely, and there is information on the animal life that can be seen there on plaques around the walking path.

Havana Glen State Park – Montour Falls, NY

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Havana Glen State Park in Montour Falls, NY is another beautiful park with natural waterfalls. We rolled up our pant legs, went into the water, and just enjoyed the tranquilty.

Watkins Glen State Park – Watkins Glen, NY

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Watkins Glen State Park has the most amazing collections of gorges and waterfalls in one place.  It’s one of the most beautiful places in nature that I have been to so far.  My mom said they used to allow swimming when she was a little girl, but they don’t anymore due to the undercurrents.

Elmira, New York

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Elmira used to be a fun place, but that changed when I was just a little girl. Thankfully, various projects such as the Eldridge Park Preservation Society are working to bring past attractions back to Elmira, and Elmira is becoming a fun place again in the summer months. A 1929 Popcorn Truck has been refurbished and sells bags of popcorn for $1 at Eldridge Park and the downtown Elmira farmer’s market on Thursdays in the summer. Eldridge Park now has many of it’s original non-amusement park style attractions back, such as the dragon boat and paddle boats on Eldridge Lake, the summer stage where bands play on the weekends, a dance hall, an arcade (the original arcade was one of the oldest in the nation), and a recreation of the original early 20th century carousel.  My mom and I visit the park often to go walking, but we have not been to any of the attractions yet.  There is also a recreation of an Elmiran trolley car (but as a standard automobile), that has tours of Elmira, including the Mark Twain’s study. I have driven past Mark Twain’s study many times, but surprisingly I have never visited it before.

Corning, NY

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Corning is a nice little city. They kept a lot of their history like an old bridge that can now only be crossed by foot, and original buildings downtown. We like to get food at one of the restaurants and eat in the beautiful gazebo in the park.


Buttermilk Falls and Treman Falls – Ithaca, NY

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There are two state parks in Ithaca that have beautiful waterfalls. They are the Buttermilk Falls State Park and Robert H. Treman State Park. Both are official swimming areas with life guards on duty. The Treman falls are my favorite because you can climb up on the rocks and get your back right up against the smooth rock surface of the falls. There’s nothing like feeling the falls on your body and watching the water drop from behind the waterfall.