Worlds End State Park – Forksville, PA

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I decided to head for Worlds End State Park in Forksville, PA while my mom was at work. I got in a traffic jam that was wall to wall traffic for about an hour, then my car ran out of gas, and I chose to walk the wrong way. The nearest gas station the way I was walking was 20 miles, while it was only about a mile away in the other direction. Thankfully I got picked up by some good Samaritans, and I was able to fill the tank up and head to my destination with only a few minutes to spare before I had to head back to pick my mom up from work, as it was nearing sunset. I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked, but I did get a quick look at the camping area from the road, and I checked out the area around the information center, including the snack booth and the swimming area.


Troy Fair – Troy, PA

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We went to the Troy Fair mainly because my mom loves bull riding and I thought she’d like to see it in person. We did catch the bull riding show, along with the dare devil horse riding and horseback barrel weaving shows. What we were really surprised about was how large the fair was. It seemed to keep going and going. There were a lot of vendors, and the air smelled delicious with carnival food. Ron and Mom ended up getting an Italian sausage sandwich, while I got a fried mozzerella on a stick. Then we had milkshakes, saw the animals in the 4-H stables, contemplated riding one of the rides, decided against it, and called it a night.