Country Inn & Suites – Big Flats, NY

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Hotels are a big part of traveling. I have stayed at Country Inn & Suites in Big Flats, NY a couple times, and I have enjoyed it a lot each time I stayed. They have a cozy atmosphere when you walk in, with a fireplace in the lobby, and a wood decor. The rooms are nice, and the beds are comfortable. The first room I stayed in was a standard hotel room, with a bed, a nightstand, a television on a stand, and a chair by the window. The second room was a little more extravagant, with the bed separated by a door from the main room, the television enclosed in a wooden stand with doors to remove the TV from view, and a couch with a pull out bed in the main room. The best part to me of any hotel room though is the pool. They have a nice pool here. It’s like most hotel pools, where the deep end isn’t deep enough for diving, but it’s plenty deep enough for swimming. They also have a hot tub, which is nice to relax in after swimming in the pool.