Troy Fair – Troy, PA

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We went to the Troy Fair mainly because my mom loves bull riding and I thought she’d like to see it in person. We did catch the bull riding show, along with the dare devil horse riding and horseback barrel weaving shows. What we were really surprised about was how large the fair was. It seemed to keep going and going. There were a lot of vendors, and the air smelled delicious with carnival food. Ron and Mom ended up getting an Italian sausage sandwich, while I got a fried mozzerella on a stick. Then we had milkshakes, saw the animals in the 4-H stables, contemplated riding one of the rides, decided against it, and called it a night.


Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous – Newark Valley, NY

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The primitive rendezvous is like a renaissance fair, but instead of reenacting renaissance era England, they reenact the American frontier. I had a lot of fun, but I didn’t stay long because it was extremely hot and humid and I got hot and exhausted quickly. I had a nice refreshing cup of lemonade and a chicken cordon bleu frybread. Both were delicious, and the lemonade was a very welcome thirst quencher in the heat.

Lumberjack Festival – Deposit, NY

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I missed the lumberjack competition when I went to the Deposit Lumberjack Festival, but I did make it in time for the parade. I haven’t been to a parade in yaars, and I enjoyed this one for the short amount of time I watched it before the heat got to me and I left to find the main festival. I was standing at a street corner right next to a family who brought their garden hose out to the street and the children playfully sprayed the parade participants with water as they went past. I enjoyed seeing the antique cars and the miniature tractor trailer. I always have enjoyed band music, and like all parades, that music was here too – complete with kazoos. What I enjoyed the most though was the old time band bus with a complete brass section playing American patriotic songs. Once the musical troupes seemed to all come past me, I decided to head off and find the festival. I got lost, and drove outside of Deposit, and when I got back the parade was over and I was surprised to find that the festival was only a few blocks from where I was standing watching the parade. I took a look around the festival, enjoying the sounds and sights as I always do. I particularly enjoyed seeing some really cool wooden furniture made straight from the trees rather than processed wood. I knew I wanted to try some festival food before I left, so I stopped at St. Joseph’s Spiedies, where there was the biggest line. You know you’re in for good food when there’s a long line. I got a pork spiedie sub, which I have never had before. I had a chicken spiedie wrap at the 2009 Spiedie Fest, but I’ve never had a sub before. My mom had one before, and said it was dry with too much bread. After trying it, I’d have to agree that a little more sauce or a little less bread would have been nice, but the meat was delicious and I found myself wanting more after I was finished.

Elmira Street Painting Festival – Elmira, NY

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I’m an artist (you can check out my other blog for my artwork), so I love things like this.  The Elmira Street Painting Festival began in 2008 and it’s been growing ever since. This year’s festival had food vendors both from the downtown Elmira businesses and from elsewhere, as well as art vendors. The biggest draw of course was the street painting artwork, and this year had some nice ones.  My mom and my sister (along with my baby nephew) attended the festival with me this year, so this festival was truly a family affair for us.

Grecian Festival – Vestal, NY

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I really enjoy Greek desserts, so I wanted to head to the Grecian Festival in Vestal this year. There was construction on the streets by the festival, so the shuttle busses took longer than usual, and the shuttle bus we took was overpacked and many people including us had to stand. It was a pain, but it was worth it. They had a band playing with dancers dancing, and the food was delicious. We got a combo plate of Moussaka, Pastitsio, and Dolmas with a Greek Salad. We splurged on dessert with two kinds of baklava and loukoumades (honey puffs).

Sterling Renaissance Festival – Sterling, NY

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The Sterling Renaissance Festival is the first renaissance fair I have ever visited. I’ve always wanted to go to one though, and it lived up to my expectations. The shows were fun, although since it was so hot, we only went to two. We saw the water wenches, which Ron really wanted to see, and then went to the mud pits. I think Ron wanted us to get muddy, since he sat us up front, but I noticed the mud on the seats, so that trick didn’t work for me. We also listened to some Celtic music, which was really nice, and ate at a restaurant whose food was OK, but the chips were a little hard. Next time I go, I think I’m going to try to get some more authentic food and drink, so I’m going to try some mead.

Fireman’s Field Days – Apalachin, NY

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I love festivals.  I always have, which is kind of strange since I usually don’t like crowds.  I don’t ride the rides, but I enjoy looking at them.  I enjoy the sights and smells of festivals, but most of all, I enjoy the food.  No matter what festival I have been to there is always one food that a particular festival has that is worth coming year after year just for that alone.  At the Apalachin Fireman’s Field Days, it is without a doubt the clams.  I’ll admit that I don’t have any frame of comparison for steamed clams, since the only other clams I have ever eaten were the clam strips at Red Lobster, but these steamed clams are really good.

Mom and Ron eating clams