Cross Continent Trip: Day 19

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I decided I’d hit the beach while I was still in a state that had an ocean border, so I headed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  On the way, I stopped and took a few pictures that I thought were interesting, such as the Monkey Trunks obstacle course and Chocorua Lake Conservancy in Chocorua, New Hampshire.  I stopped at Petey’s Seafood and Bar for dinner.  I had steamed lobster tail, a small bowl of clam chowder, and pink lemonade.  The clam chowder was great.  It was seasoned with quite a bit of black pepper, which made it tasty, but not so much that it was overbearing.  I stopped at the first rest plaza I stopped at when I first entered Maine, the Kittery Service Plaza.  Like last time, I didn’t rest here, but I did take pictures this time.  I checked out the Kittery Outlets, bought some tights, some DVDs and games for entertainment, and then went to sleep for the night.  The plaza I did stay the night at was Kennebunk Plaza North, where I ate shrimp at Popeye’s on my way in.


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