Month: August 2015

Cross Continent Trip: Day 15

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Today was mostly a relaxation day.  At my first campsite, I had my tent full of stuff, as I was trying to find the stuff that I hadn’t packed very smartly in the car when I left.  This time though, the stuff stayed in the car.  So, I could set up more this time in my tent.  So, I finally set up the inflatable mattress on my sleeping cot.  The cot was a great purchase, as it helps keep my spinal stenosis at bay, as does sleeping upright in the car at rest areas, so this trip’s been working out great for me.  I only had back pain creep up on me a few times this trip (once at the park in Augusta, and a few times while walking at Bay Harbor), and each time I was able to get it to loosen up by taking some ibuprofen and sitting upright in the car.  I also set up a folding chair and a folding table in the tent, which helps me to relax both my back and my mind.

My cot My table and chair


Cross Continent Trip: Day 14

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On the way to my next destination, I was low on gas, so I had to check the GPS to see where I could find some gas since I was on a road without much of anything for miles. I ended up at the Wicked Good Store, which had old fashioned gas pumps that have mechanical counters instead of digital (which seem to be pretty common in this area, actually), and are pay at the pump only as there weren’t any attendants around.

You may have noticed that these days on my journal suddenly just appeared. The reason for that is because I plan to post them only after I move from my first stop. I originally posted some pictures of my trip on one of the forums I visit, but it felt creepy after doing it, as I was still at the place I posted. So, I decided to be a bit safer and only post after I’ve left the campsite I’m posting about.

Once I reached the National Park where I was staying, I stopped at the Brickett Place Historic Site on the Maine side of the White Mountain National Forest, before I arrived at my second campsite, Basin Campground in Chatham, Maine.  I set up my tent, and took a look around the campsite, before checking out Lake Basin.

20150902_115255National Forest roadBrickett Place signBrickett Place Historic Register
Brickett PlaceBasin Campground Sign
Lake Basin and MountainsLake Basin Scenery
Lake BasinMy Tent at Basin Campground

Cross Continent Trip: Day 13

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I woke up before sunrise to head up to Cadillac Mountain as I read that it’s one of the first points in North America to see the sunrise. Today’s check out day, so I had to pack up my tent and other stuff and head out. The easy up tent was just as easy to put away as it was to put up, but my first tent was a pain in the neck. That’s just another reason on my long list of reasons I’m glad I decided to buy the easy up tent. After checking out, while headed back on the road to my next destination, I noticed that the capitol of Maine was on my way, so I decided to check Augusta out. I then spent the night at the same travel plaza I did coming into Maine, the West Gardiner Travel Plaza.

Acadia National Park SignAcadia National Park Sun
Acadia National Park Sun Coming UpAcadia National Park Sunrise
Acadia National Park Sunrise SceneryAcadia National Park Sunrise over the Harbor
Acadia National Park Cadillac MountainAcadia National Park Islands in the Bay
Acadia National Park Enjoying the ViewAcadia National Park and Me on Cadillac Mountain
Augusta BuildingAugusta Library
Augusta Law Enforcement Officers MemorialAugusta Samantha Reed Smith Memorial
Augusta Capitol Park EntranceAugusta Capitol Park
Augusta Capitol Park Senate MemorialAugusta Capitol Park Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Augusta Capitol Park Alternate EntranceMoose at West Gardiner Plaza

Cross Continent Trip: Day 12

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Since I knew that today was likely the last time I was going to be in the town of Bar Harbor, I spent the time taking reference pictures of the buildings and drawing. This trip is meant to serve as an inspiration for my art, music, writing, and video game projects, so I decided I’d spend the time working on my art.

Bar Harbor BuildingsBar Harbor Lobster
Bar Harbor Route 66 Restaurant SignBar Harbor Path to Route 66
Bar Harbor Route 66 RestaurantBar Harbor Street View
Bar Harbor Fountain and HarborBar Harbor Vines
Bar Harbor Cannons and ShipsBar Harbor and Me

Cross Continent Trip: Day 11

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I went to get some ice cream at the Blueberry Hill Dairy Bar, as there was a Blueberry Hill that served ice cream in my hometown when I was a kid, and it reminded me of my childhood. After that, I noticed that the Acadia National Park picnic area was on my way back, so I decided to spend some time there.

Blueberry Hill SignBlueberry Hill Dairy Bar
Blueberry Hill Eating AreaAcadia National Park Picnic Area
Acadia National Park Picnic CloudsAcadia National Park Picnic Scenery
Acadia National Park Picnic ViewAcadia National Park Woods and Water

Cross Continent Trip: Day 10

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I went toward Bar Harbor today, but decided to stop at one of the most scenic spots that I had seen every day when I drove by.  So, I decided to spend some time at the Colony beach.

the beach at Colony BeachColony beach in Bar Harbor
Colony Beach piercolony beach rocks
colony beach serenityColony beach view

Cross Continent Trip: Day 9

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I spent the day lounging around the campsite, so as night approached I decided to walk around a bit to see the bits of the campsite that I didn’t get a chance to see on the way in.  There’s a restaurant called Mainely Meat with an ice cream shop called Udder Heaven that’s accessible from the campsite (although the parking lot is closed in at the middle so customers can’t drive from the highway to the campsite through the restaurant, and vice versa).  I also checked out the surrounding area around Udder Heaven while I was there.  I finished my walk with a walk through the wilderness on the campground’s dog walk path.

Bar Harbor Campground EntranceUdder Heaven Sign
Mainely Meat signTo Udder Heaven
Mainely Meat from the backUdder Heaven and Mainely Meat
mainely meatUdder HeavenOutside Dining at Mainely MeatPirate's Cove Across the Street
Pirate's Cove EntrancePirate's Cove course
Dog Walk at Bar Harbor CampgroundWalking through the wilderness at Bar Harbor