Month: August 2011

Darien Lake – Darien, NY

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I went with my mom and sister to the Darien Lake amusement park.  I used to go to Darien Lake all the time as a kid, but I haven’t been there since I was a teenager.  I was too heavy to ride on most of the rides, but I did enjoy some relaxing time lounging by the pool area.  This is good momentum for me to lose weight.  Next time I go back, I’m going to be able to actually go on rides.  I’m looking forward to that, especially the water rides.

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Worlds End State Park – Forksville, PA

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I decided to head for Worlds End State Park in Forksville, PA while my mom was at work. I got in a traffic jam that was wall to wall traffic for about an hour, then my car ran out of gas, and I chose to walk the wrong way. The nearest gas station the way I was walking was 20 miles, while it was only about a mile away in the other direction. Thankfully I got picked up by some good Samaritans, and I was able to fill the tank up and head to my destination with only a few minutes to spare before I had to head back to pick my mom up from work, as it was nearing sunset. I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked, but I did get a quick look at the camping area from the road, and I checked out the area around the information center, including the snack booth and the swimming area.