Month: June 2010

Fireman’s Field Days – Apalachin, NY

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I love festivals.  I always have, which is kind of strange since I usually don’t like crowds.  I don’t ride the rides, but I enjoy looking at them.  I enjoy the sights and smells of festivals, but most of all, I enjoy the food.  No matter what festival I have been to there is always one food that a particular festival has that is worth coming year after year just for that alone.  At the Apalachin Fireman’s Field Days, it is without a doubt the clams.  I’ll admit that I don’t have any frame of comparison for steamed clams, since the only other clams I have ever eaten were the clam strips at Red Lobster, but these steamed clams are really good.

Mom and Ron eating clams


Elmira Farmer’s Market – Elmira, NY

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The Elmira Farmer’s market isn’t nearly as neat as Ithaca’s, but it still has a small variety of things to choose from. Southside Pudgies sometimes comes there and offers their sheet pizza by the slice, which isn’t available in their store. There is usually other cart versions of Elmira restaurants there, such as Central Hots. They also usually have live music like Ithaca does, and the popcorn truck is always there selling popcorn for a dollar.