Month: July 2009

Spiedie Fest – Binghamton, NY

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We went to Spiedie Fest in Binghamton, NY primarily for the hot air balloons, but we missed them. So, we ended up taking the event by its name and trying spiedies. We had a chicken spiedie wrap, since Mom said she had a spiedie before and it was too dry. The wrap wasn’t dry at all, and in fact, after trying a spiedie on a sub roll and agreeing with my mom, I’m going to order spiedie wraps from now on. We plan on going to the Spiedie Fest again, but in the day time this time so we can catch the hot air balloon launch.


St. Nicholas Ukranian Festival – Elmira Heights, NY

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My mom knows how much I love festivals, and how much I love pierogies, so she took me to the Ukranian Festival in Elmira Heights to enjoy both. The first year we went there we arrived too late and the pierogies were already sold out. I did have a potato pancake though, and it was delicious. So, I enjoyed myself nonetheless. The second year we learned our lesson and came early. We were able to get several dozen pierogies that year. They were really good, but we’ll remember next year to bring a towel for the bags, since they were really buttery.

Brand Park – Elmira, NY

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Brand Park in south side Elmira used to be home of a large above ground community pool, but they closed it down due to lack of funds to maintain it. They still do have a pavilion where bands play in the summer, and people dance.  It  is fun, and it reminds me of when I used to go with my parents to listen to the bands play at the pavilion in Chatham, Cape Cod.